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2014 – A year in Gay Chiang Mai

A review of gay happenings during 2014

As we welcome in 2015, Chiang Mai Gay news takes a look at what’s happened in the last year.

Maya opens in Chiang Mai

In January we were illuminating the benefits of Chiang Mai as a gay Thailand destination, free from the political instability and protests that were affecting Bangkok at that time: Chiang Mai – Everything is fine in paradise January also saw a major event in the city with he opening of the Maya Lifestyle Mall, which over the last year has transformed the north west of the city. We also remembered the fifth anniversary of the senseless murder of our friend David Crisp.

Flames in February

February brought another five year anniversary of what was probably the biggest event in the history of Gay Chiang Mai. On 21 February, Chiang Mai’s Gay Pride Parade was blocked from happening by a mob of red shirted protesters making a political point.

Fire at See Man Pub Chiang Mai (Pictures Chiang Mai Traffic police)
Fire at See Man Pub Chiang Mai (Pictures Chiang Mai Traffic police)

Another set back for the gay scene in Chiang Mai was a fire at See Man Pub, which was undergoing renovation and due to re-open. Fortunately the damage was not too severe and See Man did manage to re-open a month later

Bird of Paradise

On a more fun note, we paid a visit to Bird of Paradise bar and restaurant opened in 2013 by the affable Khun Bird an old friend we knew from Bangkok. Located in the North west of the city not far from Chiang Mai university, Bird of Paradise continues to be a popular place with some great Thai food at affordable prices.

Khun Bird at Bird of Paradise Restaurant
Khun Bird at Bird of Paradise Restaurant

BPB Property – gay friendly real estate

In March we were pleased to announce the launch of BPB Property, a gay friendly real estate business and website in Chiang Mai. With an understanding of gay customers BPB property is a great way to buy or sell houses and condos in the Chiang Mai area.

My Bromance - Poster 2

My Bromance

Cinemas saw an increase in popularity with the Chiang Mai filmed and produced gay themed movie “My Bromance” proving a big hit and being more than just a fluke as you got to watch the two gorgeous Flukes fall in love.

My Bromance was the debut film for young Chiang Mai director Nichapoom Chaianant and his Wayufilm production company.

Bar scene changes

March brought several changes in the bar scene. Several late night places re-opened after refurbishment including Relax and Barocco, as well as See Man Pub, now recovered from the fire. Meanwhile, with See Man Pub being closed G-Star Vintage continued to grow in popularity and is now Chiang Mai’s most popular gay night club.

G-Star Vintage - Chiang Mai's most popular gay bar
G-Star Vintage – Chiang Mai’s most popular gay bar

It was the end of an era at the Night Bazaar as the last of the Bars there, Secrets Bar and CU Bar were forced to move to new locations. Elsewhere at the Night Bazaar, Orion Bar opened in the Kalare Night Bazaar complex off Chang Klan road and has proved very popular in 2014.

Sadly, we also learned that Yokkadok had closed down.

Ram Bar new website

Chiang Mai’s freindliest gay bar, Ram Bar got a new website designed by our friends at Bon Tong Productions – Gay website designers.

ram bar - chiang Mai's friendliest gay bar - website

April – Hot and Wet for Songkran

April 2014 and its Songkran time again. We took a look at what Songkran is all about and also the cultural side to Songkran in Thailand.

Chiang Mai Songkran - Source Wikimedia

The new look Secrets Bar

The beginning of April saw some frantic activity for the owners of Secrets Bar and CU bar as they rushed to open in their new location at Somphet Gold Place. The new location of Secrets Bar in a single shop unit soon proved too small, so they expanded to take the adjacent unit and build a much more spectacular bar. See details of the new location for Secrets bar.

The new look and more spacious Secrets Bar
The new look and more spacious Secrets Bar

May – a month of Earthquakes and Coups

Several earth moving events in May, firstly there was a real earthquake that had many Chiang Mai residents running for the doors in fear. Then, on 22nd May came the political earthquake as Thailand’s military seized power in yet another coup in a country that has become famous for them. After a boring week of prohibitive curfews we reviewed the situation in Chiang Mai and again also the effects of this very Thai style coup on life in Chiang Mai

Website design updates

New Website Design for Radchada Garden Café

May was a busy month for Bon Tong Productions who finally rolled out the long awaited new design for this web site.

They also produced a brand new site for Radchada Garden Café and a new gay website Your Gay Website

Your Gay Website Logo - Gay website Design

June – Phoney Party Season

We see this every year in gay Chiang Mai, but this year was worse than normal in the wake of the change in regime for Thailand. With tourists numbers well down, and many businesses struggling to recover from the effects of the curfew, bar owners resorted to every trick to get in a few extra punters. Meanwhile, after the curfew was lifted, the big Thai clubs like G-Star were packed catering for the pent-up demands of frisky Thai gay boys. Although, earlier closing was enforced for many weeks and has only recently slipped back to the old ways.

K.Note from radchada Garden Cafe with some of the boys at a packed G-Star after the curfew was lifted
K.Note from radchada Garden Cafe with some of the boys at G-Star this Saturday night

July – Chiang Mai in Mourning

RIP David Sampson

David Sampson
David Sampson

In July we received news that David Sampson, the well known owner formerly of West Restaurant, and more recently Compass Restaurant had passed away peacefully on 23rd July, back in Australia. David had been battling cancer and returned to Australia a couple of months previously.

Many will remember David for his great cooking and deserts, his lively demeanour and his forthright views. Apart from his presence at his restaurants, David was frequently seen out an about in Chiang Mai’s gay bars. He will be sadly missed by his many friends here.

New website for Secrets Bar

In July Secrets bar got a new website to complement and promote their new look bar.

Secrets gay Bar Chiang Mai - New Website

Forth Anniversary at Club One Seven

Club One Seven celebrated it’s forth anniversary on 17 July with two days of sexy parties.

Thai boys enjoy the gay sauna at Club One Seven Chiang Mai
The sauna at Club one Seven Chiang Mai

August – it’s raining

August is the start of the real rainy season in Chiang Mai, however there were still some updates for the bar scene. Santitham came back to life as the students returned and we saw the R&A bar open in Santitham Plaza. You can read more in our article on rainy season in August.

Even wetter in September

September is the wettest month in Chiang Mai and 2014 was no exception with everywhere very quiet. Fortunately Thailand’s two best gay magazines Thai Puan and Attitude Thailand were on hand to provide some reading material and eye candy.

Thai Puan Thailand Gay Magazine issue 66Attitude Thai Gay Magazine August 2014

October Boy Fest

Rainy season ran late this year as October followed September and the scene only started coming back to life at the end of October. Things got pretty scary at Adam’s Apple Club with their Halloween party

Scary boys Halloween party at Adam's Apple Club
Scary boys Halloween party at Adam’s Apple Club

The 31st of october also saw the re-opening of Free Guy Club – another well known Chiang Mai Go-go bar which had been closed for a few weeks for a makeover. Also re-opened under New management was The Relax Karaoke.

New LGBT Group

A new social group for LGBT was launched in Chiang Mai in October. The group is set up under the auspices of the Chiang Mai Expats Club as an Outside Group Activity (OGA) The objectives of the new LGBT group is to foster and develop friendships among the LGBT community here in Chiang Mai. The first meeting was held at Radchada Garden Café

November – start of high season

High season in Chiang Mai traditionally starts in November with Loy Khratong which was early this year. To provide up to date information for visitors to Chiang Mai we ran an article on Chiang Mai hotels and our recommendations on where to stay as well as an update on the gay bar scene and a new version of our Pocket Guide to Gay Chiang Mai.

Shan New Year

Shan (Tai Yai) New Year (Pee Mai Tai) falls on the new moon following the full moon of Loy Khratong and is always a good party. This year we published a gallery of some our favourite Tai Yai boys to celebrate. At Adam’s Apple Club they also held a Tai Yai family party before the New Year

I Love Tai Yai at Adam's Apple Club
I Love Tai Yai at Adam’s Apple Club

December 1 – World Aids Day

We started December with world AIDS day, an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, show their support for people living with HIV and to commemorate people who have died.

In Phuket is promoting a program called HARP promoting HIV awareness and prevention. Bon Tong Productions has been working with the Phuket Loves You Club (PLU) in Phuket to support their HARP – HIV and Aids Related Programme HIV Prevention campaign (read More).

HARP-Safer Sex - Healthy Choices

December – Festive Season

Things are always changing and we started December with yet another update of the Chiang Mai Gay Bar Scene and an article on Chiang Mai’s two gay saunas House of Male and Club One Seven

Pool and Garden at House of Male Gay Sauna
Pool and Garden at House of Male Gay Sauna

We also took a look at where to go and get stuffed for Christmas as well as Chiang Mai’s gay Christmas parties.

Chiang Mai Gay Massage Scene

We’ve finished off the year taking a look at Chiang Mai’s gay male massage scene and making some recommendations about the massage shops we’ve been hearing good things about in the last year.

Gay male Massage for men by men in Chiang Mai

Gay Guide updates

It has been another year of many changes in gay Chiang Mai. To finish up the year, our last article was a summary of changes that had taken place in the year and the updates to our gay guide for bars and businesses that had opened or closed.

Happy New Year

Finally we’d like to thank all our readers for following us throughout the year and we hope that you’ve found our articles and gay guide interesting and useful. We’d also like to thank our sponsors for their support throughout the year.

Wishing everyone in Gay Chiang Mai and across the globe a very Happy, Healthy and prosperous 2015


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