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Gay Massage by Men for Men – Where to find those massage boys

Chiang Mai Gay Massage shops update

Our page gay guide to gay massage in Chiang Mai has always been one of the most popular on the site. It seems Chiang Mai visitors and ex-pats still find the prospect of a sensual massage from a cute good looking young masseur to be as alluring as ever. Massage boys and massage shops come and go, so here is the latest update on where to go for that relaxing massage treatment in Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai is packed full of shops offering massage services, from street side foot massages to full blown luxury spa treatments. This article is specifically about male massage for gay men and does not cover other types of massage business that may turn out to be disappointing. Although the number of shops or gay massage parlours has declined in recent years there are still plenty around.

Chiang Mai Land and Changklan Road

Until recently there were several gay massage shops on and nearby Chiang Mai Land Road. Sadly, with the demise of His Club earlier this year all of these are now closed. However we are please to report the opening of a new shop off Chang Klan Rd near the Empress Hotel.

Maya Club

Maya CLub Chiang Mai gay massage - logoMaya Club is by the owners of the now closed 69 Club previously in Chiang Mai Land.

The new shop is off Changklan Road in a soi opposite the Empress Hotel entrance that leads to the Changklan residence apartments. 69 Club was one of the more popular shops in town so we are hoping for good things and look forward to hearing favourable reports from visitors.

Maya club gay massage in chaing mai - shop picture montage

Massage Boy Gallery

Here are some pictures of the massage boys from the old 69 Club, now Maya Club.

Chang Puek and Santitham

Common Massage

One of the most popular places these days is Common Massage located in Santitham at 27/4 Hussadhisawee Road, close to the New My Way go-go bar. It is also only a short walk from the Lotus Hotel, which for many years has been the preferred lodgings for gay visitors to Chiang Mai.

Common massage is housed in a clean modernised shop house, part of a block of houses at the junction of Hussadhisawee Road and Soi 3. They offer an range of different massage options and have one of the best selections of masseurs to choose from.

Cute  GayThai massage boys at Common Massage Chiang Mai

Gallery of Gay Massage Boys – Common Massage

Some of the latest handsome masseurs working at Common Massage. For more see their website.

Other massage shops

Marn Mai massage shop in Chiang Mai
Marn Mai

Also in Santitham area is the long established Marn Mai Massage tucked away on Chang Puek soi 2. This can be a little had to find so check out our map on the guide page. The shop house only has a small entrance but they do have their own parking nearby

Further away in the Nimmanhaeminda are you can also find Marspa on Sirimangkalajarn road Soi 3 (same soi as House of Male).

Tourist Area

Classic House

In the tourist area around around Thapae Gate and the Night Bazaar there remains one established shop. Classic House has been serving clients for over a decade and is located just off Thapae Road in Soi 4 just past the “De Chai The Colonial” Hotel on the left (coming from Thapae).

Classic House - Gay Massage shop in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Entrance to Classic House gay massage shop in Chiang Mai

Diamond House

Whilst, Paradise Massage in the Chang Moi district, recently closed down. A new addition is Diamond House located off Kampang Ding Road between the Night Bazaar area and Thapae Gate (not far from Classic House). Diamond House Massage is at 19/9 Kampang Din Soi 1 (Close by to Billy’s restaurant and near where the Wall massage used to be).

sexy semi naked gay massage boys at diamond house
Diamond House massage boys – some exciting guys waiting for you

More Information

Our guide only lists places that specifically offer services for men by men, often known as the happy ending massage or a rub and tug. Chiang Mai is packed with other massage shops and spas offering massage services that are not specifically for gay men. So if you simply want other treatment options and services there is plenty of choice with many lady masseurs, as well as some guys.

For a non sexual service we suggest Club One Seven which offers massages within their sauna complex.

Massage at CLub One Seven Chiang Mai

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