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Gay Soi 6 – High Season Arrives

Latest news from Chiang Mai’s gayest soi

Gay Soi 6 is getting busy as cool season arrives and tourists head to Chiang Mai.

Despite being in the tropics, Chiang Mai’s greatest attraction has always been its cool season. Three to four months of near perfect weather with blue skies, day time temperatures under thirty degrees and cool nights for perfect sleeping. It hardly ever rains, though don’t say never, and has been noticeably warmer in recent years than in the cool season of old. On mountain peaks, a light frost can even occur, and early morning mists smother valley floors to provide picture postcard scenes.

Cool season skies at Chiang Mai's Thapae Gate
Cool season skies at Chiang Mai’s Thapae Gate
Source: Wikimedia by Takeaway CC BY-SA 3.0

This is Chiang Mai’s so called high season that runs typically from early November to late February. It is no coincidence that the fabulous weather coincides with both the worst of winter in the cooler climes of the northern hemisphere, and the searing heat of the Australian summer. Chiang Mai therefore provides a veritable respite for many from across the globe in this period. It is also increasingly popular with Asian tourists, and particularly the Chinese who have been coming in droves on direct charter flights.

So as the city cools down and the vistors flood in, what is happening down on Chiang Mai’s gayest soi?

Gay Soi 6 Bar Updates

Ram Bar

Undoubtedly the star of the soi, Ram bar continues to impress with a packed crowd to watch the Secret Show Cabaret every night. The crowd is more mixed than it used to be with the show attracting may younger tourists, as well as the traditional older gays. However, Khun Wat still has his wonderful staff on hand to ensure everyone feels welcome and they do everything to keep the customers happy. Show starts at 10 p.m. but best to go early to get a seat. You can see a couple of pictures from the show below , or visit this article: Sequins and Feathers – Secret Show Cabaret at Ram Bar for a more complete low down on the show.

Secrets Bar

The death of Ray, Secrets Bar’s Patriarch and resident bar fly earlier this year may have subdued the crowd here for a while, but owner Khun Oh has responded to the challenge and Secrets bar remains one of the favourite places for Chiang Mai’s older ex-pats and knowlegeable visitors to drink. A great selection of young male eye candy playing pool and available enjoy a drink with customers boost the fun atmosphere too. Unlike the other bars on gay soi 6, which are open to public view, Secrets is an enclosed space making offering a discreet environment for amorous encounters.

Pool Boys at Secrets Gay Bar Chiang Mai Thailand  gay soi 6
Some of the boys at Secrets Gay Bar Chiang Mai Thailand

69 Bar NEW

A new addition opened near the bottom of Soi 6 is 69 Bar. This is a new venture by the owner of 69 Club massage previously located in Chiang Mai land. Located on Charoen Prathet Rd, this beer and host bar has a number of sexy guys on hand to entertain. Massage services are also available.

69 bar Chiang Mai - gay bar near soi 6
69 Bar – New gay beer and host bar in Chiang Mai

As well as 69 Bar, the same owners have a new massage shop on Changklan Rd, Maya Club. More details about Maya and gay massage in Chiang Mai can be found in this article.

Pandee Bar

Pandee Bar is located at the top end of soi 6 just inside the Kalare Night Bazaar complex. Its experienced owner Khun Sak knows a bit about running bars and makes a great cocktail. Pandee is a good place to hang out and enjoy a good drink and a chat.

Orion Bar

Orion Bar moved to a new location on Soi 6 a few months ago and now has frontage right on the soi with outdoor tables making it real easy to find.

New Orion Gay Bar in Chiang Mai - gay soi 6
The new orion bar on Gay Soi 6
khun mai at orion gay bar chiang mai
A smiling Khun Mai at Orion Bar

Run by the super friendly and fun loving Khun Mai Orion is a great place to let your hair down, whether you want to play pool, have a laugh with Mai and his staff or play some bar games, Orion is a good place to be.

Entering Gay Soi 6 (Charoen Prathet Soi 6) from Changklan Rd you will find Orion Bar on the right hand side after about 60M, next door to Jacky Bar

Jacky Bar

Just before Orion is the smaller Jacky Bar, run by Jacky the Hat who has been involved in Chaing mai’s bar scene for years and many will remember from the days of the Peak bars back a decade ago. Non pretentious, Jacky Bar is a nice place for a quiet drink and a chat.

Night Bazaar Gay Map

chiang mai night bazaar gay map november 2017

Old Night Bazar Building

There are more bars in the Old Night Bazaar building that can be gay to a greater or lesser extent. The gay ones are located towards the rear adjacent to Thapae soi 1. Station 1 is quite mixed but does have a few freelance guys hanging around. Ozeed bar is gay owned but has been closed recently, and we don’t know about the re-opening plans yet.

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