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Soho Lounge – The Reincarnation

Return from extinction for the long running Soho Bar

For those who were around and witnessed the slow and at times painful demise of the original Soho bar in 2016 (Read More: Soho goes the way of the Dodo ), the news that its last owners have opened a new bar may come as a suprise. Or perhaps not in a Buddhist country where reincarnation is strong in people’s beliefs.

Friday 2nd June saw the grand opening of Shauna and Rabbit’s new venture, a bar and restaurant in Santitham right at the heart of Chiang Mai’s old red light district. The new venue, named Soho Lounge is located in a shop house on Hussadhisawee Rd Soi 3. Hussadhisawee Rd runs north from the intersection of Huay Kaew Rd and the moat at the Hua Rin corner, and soi 3 is on the left immediately after the chic lanna style Villa Korbhun Khinbua residence. It is also close to the trendy d’vieng Santitham apartment complex.

Soi 3 on Google Street View, Soho Lounge is in the first block on the left.

Soho lounge’s location places it in good gay company, being right next to a boy karaoke and the New My Way male go-go bar making the new Soho Lounge an ideal location for a drink or something to eat before going in search of some trade. It is also just around the corner from Common Massage and a notorious late night bar boy hang out. Quite close by on Morakot Rd is the Black Door, a small gay owned dive bar that had become popular with some of the old Soho crowd, so some will be familiar with the area.

Sexy boys at new my way gay bar in Chiang Mai Thailand
Soho’s new location has good gay credentials – with plenty of sexy boys at the nearby New My Way go-go bar

The restaurant is open serving Thai food from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. except Mondays, whereas the bar is open from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. Tuesday to Sunday and from 5 p.m. until midnight every night. Wednesday nights they have a cheese and wine promotion with free cheese and appetisers plus by one get one free offer on wine.

The interior is bright and modern whilst somewhat minimalist with a spacious bar for customers to sit at and the venue has air conditioning. There is also some seating outside.

Soho Lounge - new gay bar and Restaurant in Chiang Mai Thailand
Party time – view from outside the new Soho Lounge
Soho lounge Chiang Mai - gay bar and restaurant in Thailand
Soho lounge – Seating Area

For many more pictures of the new Soho Lounge and the grand opening party visit City Life Social Pictures.

We know a lot of hard work has gone in to getting the new Soho off the ground and wish Shauna and Rabbit every luck and success with this new venture.

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