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Songkran – Happy New year

Songkran Thai New Year Water Festival

Songkran is the very mad and wet celebration of Thai New Year which officially takes place from 13-15 April when the sun moves from the zodiac sign of Aries into Taurus. The Songkran festival grew from the original unassuming concept of washing the hands of family elders, into today’s modern mega party.

Every year, for a hot week in April, Thailand’s northern city of Chiang Mai undergoes it’s metamorphosis from laid back garden city to the full blown party capital of Thailand. The city has become famed for its wild and wet celebrations of Songkran, which centre around the moat surrounding the old city. During the main days of Songkran a constant parade of vehicles, slowed to walking pace, fill the inner and outer moat roads.

Songkran in Thailand
Thailand’s Songkran Festival

Water Wars

For the un-initiated, Songkran is the annual Thai New Year festival. What started as a Bhuddist tradition of pouring water on Bhudda statues and the hands and feet of elders to cleanse and show respect, has now become anything but respectful. For several days it seems almost everyone is out on the streets attempting to drown each other in as much water as possible. Some station themselves along roadsides and get their ammunition from the nearest hosepipe. Others lounge in the back of pick-up trucks. Loaded with a large drum of water, plenty of buckets, high powered water pistols and don’t forget the beer! They then maraud through the city engaging in smile filled water combat with anyone and everyone.

Nobody is safe! Don’t think that wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase will protect you from a drenching. Even uniformed policemen get soaked! But, with the heat of April, being soaked in water all day seems quite pleasant.

Songkran Chiang Mai Thapae Chiang Mai Songkran
Water wars around the moat near Thapae gate

In Chiang Mai, the local population is joined by throngs of tourists as well as many Thais from surrounding towns or returning home for the holiday from Bangkok, add to them the throngs of tourists who come to join in the fun and the city is packed.

Songkran in Chiang Mai
Songkran in Chiang Mai – Pickup Wars

Gay Songkran in Chiang Mai

In the past the Mecca for gay Songkran was always Soho bar, strategically located on Huay Kaew Road, but since its demise last year, there is no obvious contender for this year’s gay Songkran venue. In any case, part of the fun of Songkran is wandering the streets so expect to find gay partygoers everywhere.

After a full day partying in the sun, night life at Songkran can be subdued, but as many people are here on holiday there is always someone looking for fun. The mecca for gay nightlife nowadays is gay soi 6 at the Night Bazaar and you can expect this to be busy, especially the very popular Secrets Bar, with ist fun loving host boys, and the next door show and parties at Ram Bar. The following are some of the highlights of the gay Songkran parties in Chiang Mai.

Some of the boys at Secrets Bar Chiang Mai

Club One Seven

One gay establishment that is splashing out for Songkran is Club One Seven with a special party every evening at this popular gay sauna. After a days water warfare on the streets where better to go and chill by the river in the late afternoon and maybe find some more sexual encounters?

songkran hot gay underwear party at club one seven

songkran naked gay foam party at club one seven chiang mai

Ram Bar

Those fun loving guys at gay show bar Ram Bar can always be relied upon to come up with some good entertainment and this year they are excelling themselves with three nights of special parties #SKR1

April 13. Thursday is Thai New Year Party

Special Thai style show with gorgeous traditional costumes and voting for Miss Songkran Ram Bar

April 14. Friday is Sexy Legs Night

Watch the competition between a stage full of good looking guys showing off their legs to get
your votes.

April 15. Saturday is Body Paint Night

Go wild and get painted. Ram Bar’s body paint artists will paint your face, your chest, your
legs. Whatever you choose!

Only 100 tickets available each night at 200 baht include 1 free drink per person per night. So come early before they sell out. On sale from 8pm at the door.

See Man Pub

Some good news for Songkran is the re-opening last night of See Man Pub, a favourite Chiang Mai gay night spot, just in time for the new year festivities. See Man Pub will be celebrating the three nights of Songkran with a foam party as well as sexy coyote boys and cabaret show.

foam party at See Man Pub- Gay club in Chiang Mai

Adam’s Apple Club

For Songkran Adam’s Apple Club will be having special shows each night.

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