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The Reincarnation of Coffee boy

August is almost the slowest month of the year in Chiang Mai and not much happens. Usually the only news is of this or that bar closing as they couldn’t make it through the rainy season, though so far this year it would be more aptly named as cloudy season. So imagine our surprise to learn that tonight will see the reopening of one of Chiang Mai’s oldest gay bars: Coffee Boy!

Whilst re-incarnation maybe have a strong tenure within Buddhist beliefs, this is something more in the domain of the spirit world, and re-incarnation as ones self is even more unusual. Yet Coffee boy, closed since 2009, shall be re-opening it’s doors tonight under a new venture by some of the old management. Thankfully however, we believe they will have some new boys working there! The location remains the same though we have no reports yet on what, if any, renovations have been performed on the old Teak House.

Fun starts tonight at 8.30 P.M. go check it out!

Go-go boys at Coffee Boy
Dancers at the old Coffee Boy
  1. Kevin says:

    Coffee Boy is indeed back!

    I read your post and thought it couldn’t be true. So two days ago I headed out with a friend and revisited that obscure old piece of land where Coffee Boy was once hidden and – voila – it’s back!

    The name of the new venue is Chiang Mai 19, but it’s the same old Coffee Boy style and location. There are half a dozen young guys working there, and the bar is fresh and clean looking. It’s friendly, quite well organized, and it seems more light and bright than it once was. But it still has that edge of normal feel.

    The beer was cold, the welcome was warm, and the young guys working in the venue are doing their level best to make the place pop. Their business card lists 08-1111-2361 as a phone number and they say they have now been open 7 days – it’s their one week anniversary.

    Great to see Coffee Boy come back. Now if we can wake up one day and find Doi Boy reappear with a dozen tribal guys, I’ll dance in the streets.

    Worth going and seeing the new Coffee Boy = Chiang Mai 19. Give them a bit of support while they get rolling again.


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