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Fire at Mae Surin Camp

Just over a week ago fire devastated a border refugee camp at Mae Surin in Mae Hong Song province around 150Km west of Chiang Mai. At least forty refugees were killed, perhaps more, many were injured and thousands made homeless. As refugees they are unable to leave the camp area and conditions are reported to be appalling. The event has largely been ignored by the international media, whilst the domestic media has been pre-occupied with the blame and cover up game. The bottom line is these people urgently need humanitarian assistance.

Mae Surin Refugee Camp Fire

You can read more about the tragedy here at the Best Friend If you can help, either with donations of clothes, blankets and household goods please contact the best friend in Chiang Mai at The Best Friend Library at 302/2 Nimmanhaemin Road, Soi 13. Theya re acting as a collection point for donated goods. Alternatively you can donate cash – see the article for donations by PayPal.

For more information about the fire and the camp see these articles on the Chiang Mai City News website. Disturbing Images from Mae Surin Refugee Camp – People Urgently Need Donations (WARNING – GRAPHIC CONTENT) and more here


One of the most seriously injured victims is 14 year old Chaa Nay Choo who heroically helped to rescue several people during the fire and suffered serious burns. He has been recovered to Chiang Mai’s Suan Dok hospital and received emergency treatment, however, he will have to stay in the hospital for several months and the Thai health system is unable to cover the cost of his treatment. Cash donations to pay for his ongoing treatment are urgently required otherwise his condition could deteriorate and become life threatening. The following article on the Best Friend website gives full details of his story and how you can help

Permanent Link to Please meet Chaa Nay Choo, heroic 14-year-old from Mae Surin Karenni Refugee Camp
Best Friend Library – Meet Chaa Nay Choo, heroic 14-year-old from Mae Surin Karenni Refugee Camp

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