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Fire Men at See Man Pub

Firemen get their hoses out at See Man Pub

The thought of macho fireman or police uniforms in a gay club conjures up some interesting homo erotic fantasies and is an often used club show skit. Sadly this afternoon at Chiang Mai’s well known See Man Pub the presence of the emergency services was all to real as fire ripped through the inside of the building. As siren’s shattered the peace of an otherwise beautiful daya plume of smoke from the building could be seen across the city. Fortunately, there were no deaths or injuries but significant damage to the building’s interior put at 8 million Bt.

See Man Pub has been closed for a major refit and was due to re-open with a big party on 10 February. The cause of the fire has been attributed to workmen installing a new ceiling in the Club. No news yet on what the outcome will be. The Club is located at the Phucome intersection between Huay Kaew Road and the Canal Road, it was well positioned close to both Nimman Haeminda Area, and big clubs like Infinity or Tawan Deang, Chiang Mia University and also near Chang Puek district where many students live.

Fire at See Man Pub Chiang Mai (Pictures Chiang Mai Traffic police)
Fire at See Man Pub Chiang Mai (Pictures Chiang Mai Traffic police via CM108)

More pictures can be found on Chiang Mai CM108

See Men Coyote Boys posing for launch party
See Men Coyote Boys posing for launch party
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