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Five Years Ago Today – The last Gay Pride

Five years ago today……

21 February 2009 is the day Chiang Mai was disgracefully brought to the attention of the world, not because of its seven hundred year history, Lanna architecture, cultural heritage, temples, natural beauty and fabulous people, but because of a small intolerant minority with a political agenda.

21 February is now the day to remember violence and persecution against LGBT.

21 February - Day to remember violence against LGBT

  1. […] and Russia. Not to mention the fact that nothing has changed in terms of mob rule in Thailand. Lest we forget: 21 February 200921 February is now a day for remembering and protesting about violence against […]

  2. Scott says:

    How can it be that long ago? I remember it well. So many changes in Chiang Mai since then.

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