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More than Just a Fluke

It might not have got any Oscar nominations, but gay themed Thai film พี่ชาย (Pi Chai) or English title My Bromance has been creating a lot of attention since its nationwide cinema release on 20 February.

Flimed entirely in Chiang Mai, the film marks the directorial feature film debut for 28 year old Chiang Mai born Nichapoom Chaianant and his Wayufilm production company. Previous works include “I am the Director” and the documentary “Rong Wongsawan”.

Nichapoom Chaianant and his male leads
Nichapoom Chaianant and his male leads

This gay love story features the sexual orientation and relationship between two cute young step brothers, Golf and Bank. And you get not one but two good looking Flukes for your money: Fluke (Pongsatorn Sripinta) and Fluke (Teerapat Lohanan) and a supporting cast offering plenty of eye candy for any gay audience. The film is aimed primarily at a Thai audience and the drama is portrayed in a very Thai way embodying Thai social understandings which perhaps maybe confusing for a western audience.

In Thai with English subtitles, My Bromace is currently showing at several cinemas in Chiang Mai

My Bromance - Poster 1My Bromance - Poster 2

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