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Night Bazaar – End of an Era

Secrets Bar and CU Bar are moving

After weeks of uncertainty the news finally came in the last week that the leases for the bars at the Night Bazaar would not be renewed. Furthermore, the remaining businesses there have been given virtually no notice of the impending closure which will take effect at the end of this month. i.e. in two days’ time! Unbelievable in most countries, but, as we all know, this is Thailand.

The good news is that, after a frantic few days planning and re-organising, both Secrets Bar and CU Bar have found new homes in adjacent positions still in the city center. The new location will be on the eastern side of the moat near Thapae Gate at Somphet Gold Place on Chaiyaphum Road. The bars will be located in the back of a group of small retail units and offers some seclusion from the main road. This place has been home to a number of bars and restaurants in the past; including the gay Kudos bar for those who can remember that far back (about 6-7 years ago). The bars will be situated either side of the decorative water pool, which hopefully no drunken people will fall, or get thrown into.

Kudos barKudos bar - Gay Chiangmai
Kudos Bar - at the same location 6-7 years ago
The location tody (before renovation starts)
The location tody (before renovation starts)

Somphet Gold Place located right next to North Wheels car rental and is directly opposite a footbridge across the moat (from Somphet market) and pedestrian crossing. At night, the forecourt off the main road is home to Jack Van bar (literally a bar in a van surrounded by out door tables) and notorious late night hang out Spicy is just along the road so the area has plenty of nightlife credentials. Furthermore, Somphet is a much nicer location than the old Night Bazaar with smart rather than run down surroundings, which should give both bars an opportunity to prosper in more salubrious surroundings.

New Location Map – see on Google Maps

View Secrets Bar and CU Bar new location in a larger map

The site is now a frenzy of activity with the necessary preparation and construction work, with a plan to have everything open on Tuesday 1st April (and this is for real, unlike last year’s Dong Bar 🙂 ). We know this enforced move has meant a lot of hard work and hassle for the bar owners and would like to wish them all the very best for their business in this new location.

This move for Secrets Bar and CU Bar will mark the end of an era at the Night Bazaar which has been home to part of the Chiang Mai gay scene for many years now (You can read some of the Night Bazaar history here)

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  2. Grimmy says:

    Spent all last night searching for this bar to no avail. Is there a phone number or directions in Thai that can be given to a tuk tuk driver?

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