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Shan State Army (South) Independence army in Burma’s Shan state. Many of the working boys in gay Chiang Mai come from here.

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Shan State – Fear and Celebration

Many Friends of Radchada Cafe come from the Shan State is SE Burma, and we know many of our readers have Tai Yai friends in Chiang Mai so we like to keep up to date with the latest Shan State news. May 21st saw the celebration of the 53nd Anniversary of Shan State People’s Resistance […]

Site updates and the Shan State

We’ve now completed updating the sidebar on this site to include a couple of Gay news feeds from around the world as well as one from The Irrawaddy giving the latest news from Burma. We’ve also added a panel on the sidebar explaining about the Shan people and why we cover them on a Gay […]

Video about the SSA

One more for all our friends from North of the border

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